Rent-a-Minion Working Scholarship

The Rent-a-Minion Working Scholarship is granted to only one student in each major US city who exemplifies work ethic, academic achievement, and entrepreneurial spirit. Candidates must meet our academic standards as well as demonstrate willingness and ability to work for the privilege of education. Recipients will earn scholarship money by helping expand our business through social media advertising while maintaining an academic trajectory for success post high school.

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Our scholarship is useful for more than just university tuition. We provide assistance for a diverse range of educational and career goals. We incentivize academic achievement with immediate rewards as well as long term pay-off. We provide practical experience in marketable skills as well as opportunity to demonstrate competence to future educators and employers. In short, our scholarship truly has the recipients future in mind.

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Scholarship Amount

$5k - $30k. This amount varies widely according to the recipient’s effort.

It can be used for used for college, university, trade school or other approved academic endeavors

You may at any point transfer your scholarship account to an approved institution


To Apply:

Applicants must be in the 8th-9th grade with a minimum C average.

They must have daily access to computers, internet, and social media.

Parental assistance may be necessary so the applicant will need willing, cooperative parents.

Above all, applicants must be dependable and consistent.

To Maintain:

Recipients must maintain a B average or scholarship money will be used for a mandatory approved tutor.

Recipients must also maintain a "challenging" course load as defined by their guidance counselor.


This is a “working scholarship”. The funding is earned through the expansion of our business in the recipients assigned region. Recipients will be required perform daily tasks like posting on social media for at least 15 minutes to an hour every day. We will also recommend certain special assignments which will be extra opportunities to earn more. For example: Within the first month, we recommend the recipient tour 4 local colleges and distribute flyers. Door to door sales are also highly recommended for certain areas. These are not mandatory but but we feel they are highly beneficial.

Program Termination:

We maintain the right to terminate scholarships at any point, for any reason  (most notably, for behavior problems or poor performance in our work program.) However,

in this event, you will still have access to any funds previously earned, but the opportunity for further earning will be passed on to another.

How It Works:

Financial Details:

Recipients will earn scholarship money by finding customers to enroll as members for Rent-a-Minion. (Training provided.) This is a simple task, but requires daily diligence and strict adherence to our methodology. The amount earned per member can vary depending upon whether it was a direct or indirect sale. Whenever a recipient directly recruits a new customer to Rent-a-Minion, 100% of the customer's membership fee is placed in the recipient's scholarship account (minus banking and transfer fees.) Should a customer within the recipient's region discover our service via any other means, the recipient will still often receive up to 95% as a regional success bonus.  These memberships are generally around $20 monthly or $100 annually. So, one customer could potentially earn the scholarship recipient as much as $900 over 4 years.

Academic Incentive Program:

We recognize that not all high school students are especially future minded. Also, some families need their children to help out financially as soon as they are of working age. For this reason, we offer as incentive, 50% of the recipient’s earnings paid as immediate compensation. However, this is only available to 11th to 12th graders who maintain an A average along with an excellent earnings history. This ensures they will still be able to attend college using our scholarship in conjunction with financial aid from other sources.

To apply, please take the following steps:

1. Fill out this short form. ===>

2. Read over our main website. (

3. Send an email to

*Include a short essay about what you intend to do with your scholarship,

as well as a short description of our service as you understand it.

Recipients will be chosen on merit, but applications will be considered on a first come fist serve basis.