This website was created using 100% minion labor.  No minions were harmed.

-for just about anything.


Let Us Do Your Chores.


Ever find yourself saying, “I wish I could just pay to have someone else do this for me.” Well, we will gladly do it for you, whatever it is: household chores, yard work, running errands, general labor, heavy lifting, DIY projects, odd jobs, paperwork, or just about anything else you can think of.

Maybe you don't need a maid, but you could use some help with the dishes. Maybe you don't need a carpenter, but your "honey-dos" are piling up. We are not a maid service or a moving company or any other type of overpriced specialist. We are an EVERYTHING service. For as low as $12/hr, we will go wherever you want and do whatever you need.

All minions have been screened, interviewed, background checked, fully vetted, and must maintain positive user feedback.

Don't nag your spouse. Rent-a-Minion -for just about anything.

(GIFT CARDS now available.)

Meet the Minions

Believe it or not, there are still those among us who are willing to WORK for the money they need. Our goal is to get the work you need done to the people who WANT to do it. These are: STUDENTS paying their way through college, PART TIME LABORERS looking for more hours to make ends meet, talented HARD WORKERS looking to earn the money they need to better themselves and provide for their families. There is a vast untapped reserve of willing and able bodies looking for a honest way to earn a little extra cash and Rent-a-Minion is making sure they find it. Every minion comes fully equipped with an able body and a willing heart.

Think outside the box.

Rent-a-Minion is not just for house and yard work. We can drive where Uber won’t go. We can deliver when you don’t want pizza.  We can provide a short term team to take on BIG projects for your small business. We can do your home work for you! We can walk your dog for you while you are away. We can spot you at the gym and cook healthy food for you at home. We can come and just keep you company. We can perform all your menial tasks while you focus on your specialty. Hire us as a gift for the person who has everything. etc. etc. etc.

Dynamic Pay Scale: Each minion is valued according to customer feedback. This provides our minions with incentive to work HARD at every job, while also guaranteeing a fair price for customers. New minions generally start around $12/hour.

Non-member Fee: Non-members can still use our service but a $20 service charge is applied ($5 if Rent-a-Minion is not well established in your city).

Membership Fee: $20 monthly

Membership pays for unlimited access to the system, but does not pay your minion’s hourly rate or drive-to fee (if applicable*). You may cancel your membership at any time.

Drive-to Fee*

A 50¢ per mile drive-to fee applies only if you are booking a minion for less than 3 hours or are more than 10 miles away.  If you need your minion to drive for you on the clock (ex. picking up groceries), a 30¢ per mile fee also applies.

For more information or to request service, please call: (901)319-4970


To begin your membership or request service, please call or text (901)319-4970.



Now Hiring

Now Hiring

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For more information,

Call or Text (901)319-4970

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Odd Jobs, Concierge, General Labor, Hired Help, Cleaning Service, Maid, House Keeper, Yard Work, Landscaping, DIY Projects, Moving Help,

Grocery Delivery Service, Errand Runner, Personal Assistant, Event Help, etc, etc, etc… Starting at just $15 an hour!


-For just about anything


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